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REFUGEE WEEK 2023 Click Here


Here are some of the things we’ve done in previous years:

Refugee Week 2021 – we showed a PowerPoint presentation to school to help them understand and empathise with the situation of asylum seekers in this country

Refugee Week 2020 – we put together a colouring book in partnership with Bekah Grace Illustration. We also ran a competition with various categories for those who received the book to get prizes and recognition

Refugee Week 2019 – We promoted the “20 Welcomes” Swindon Schools Poetry project. We also hosted the “Evening of Welcomes” event at Lawn Manor Academy aimed at inspiring people to make everyone feel welcome in Swindon

Refugee Week 2018 – We hosted varios events aimed at creating a sense of community and hospitality in our town, to include refugee and asylum seekers from the Swindon area and to raise awareness and appreciation of the contribution that they make to our town

Refugee Week 2017 – the theme was ‘Different pasts, shared future’ and we had some wonderful public events, plus schools & colleges taking part in activities during the week exploring what that theme means