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Current Campaigns

We are proud to be members of Together with Refugees 

“A coalition of members which include grassroots, community and refugee-led groups, international development charities, trade unions and faith groups. Although our interests and concerns are varied we have one thing that unites us:

We believe in showing compassion for people fleeing war and persecution. for a kinder, fairer and more effective approach to supporting refugees in the UK. Be part of a shared movement for change.” 


Current Campaign – Show your Heart

We are asking Swindon to join us and to ‘Show Your Heart’ by giving your support to ask for a kinder approach to people seeking sanctuary (people in legal terms known as refugees and asylum seekers).

The ‘Together with Refugees’ campaign is in response to the Governments hostile Immigration Bill and is calling for a fairer, kinder approach towards immigration.

To be involved all you need to do is send us a picture of you holding your orange heart with #Together with Refugees written on it, if you want to get more creative and wish to write a message too, paint, craft, sew your orange heart then please do!

Photographs need to be taken in portrait and just head and heart in image. You can show just your eyes if you wish for your face to be anonymous (as shown in the pictures above).

These images will then be put together to make one large heart filled with all your faces and messages from across Swindon with plans for it to be displayed in Swindon and also to placed on a large postcard to be sent to both our Swindon MP’s.

Please email your image to [email protected] with the subject title Show Your Heart

Why an orange heart? – Inspired by the Refugee Nation flag and the colours of a lifebelt, the orange heart has been chosen as our symbol of hope and compassion for people seeking sanctuary (Together with Refugees).



We also invite you to support the following petitions:

Freedom From Torture – Act now to protect refugees from Priti Patel’s New Plan.

Refugee Councilhelp reunite refugee families

Refugee Action is running a #CommitToResettlement campaign that calls for the Government to commit to resettling 10,000 refugees per year. You can sign the petition.

IMIX  are calling on the Government to specifically commit to resettling 20,000 Afghan refugees. sign the petition