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Swindon City of Sanctuary calls for suspension of any further transfers to Bibby Stockholm

Local charity Swindon City of Sanctuary is issuing the quote below in response to the news of a tragic death onboard the Bibby Stockholm barge this morning.

Chloe Wolfe, Charity Manager at Swindon City of Sanctuary, said:

“Along with all those around the UK campaigning for a fair, humane asylum system, we were incredibly saddened to hear the news this morning of the death of a person aboard the Bibby Stockholm. Our thoughts are with all those who knew and loved them, with the people currently placed on the barge, and with all those seeking sanctuary who will be upset and worried at this time.

“In recent days, we have heard of plans to send individuals currently in or around Swindon to the Bibby Stockholm. Even before this tragic incident, that would have been a hugely disruptive move. With this development, it is surely now unconscionable to consider going ahead with any new arrivals.

“An investigation into what has happened on the Bibby Stockholm will obviously be taking place, and we should not second-guess its results. But in the meantime, we call on Swindon’s MPs to make immediate representations to the Government to halt any further transferring of people seeking sanctuary to the barge.

“The cost of the current approach is now being measured in trauma and lost life. Our politicians urgently need to find a better way, and to build an asylum system with humanity at its heart.”

For more information or with any follow-up questions, please contact Chloe via [email protected].