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We’re Open – weekly, evening social

We’re Open! A community social evening where all are welcome.

Every Thursday Evening
Baker’s Café 6 Emlyn Square, SN1 5BN
6.30 to 8.30pm


Since the beginning of the project in 2017, We’re Open has provided a space for people from different backgrounds and communities to come together in the spirit of friendship.

We know that many people feel the weight of isolation and loneliness, particularly those who may be new to Swindon, living here without a support network. We wanted to provide a space where we can create a community where those who are new to Swindon, feel able to build a life here. 

Our incredible, dedicated volunteers attend every
session to ensure people feel welcomed, and that those who may be isolated and feel daunted about coming, will always be welcomed with a friendly face, a smile and a hand of welcome. 

We’re Open provides a unique opportunity to bring together people seeking sanctuary (or anyone new to town) and all other members of community to overcome barriers to connecting, by providing a space to interact, make friends and foster conversation about what makes us similar, in a safe and welcoming environment.

Located at The Bakers Café which is close to the town centre and the railway station – there is a bus stop nearby too

 Come along for free hot drinks, friendly chat, board games and music, everyone is welcome (that means you)!

Please be reminded that for everyones right to privacy, we do not allow photography at We’re Open.

We’re Open is made possible by a grant from The Co-op Community Fundand the Police Crime and Commissioner grant programme (OPCC), which supports projects across Wiltshire and Swindon that bring communities together to improve trust and understanding.