Welcome to Swindon City of Sanctuary 

We are calling on everyone in Swindon to come together and Pledge support for refugees and asylum seekers already living in Swindon.

Swindon is a wonderfully diverse, welcoming town and we want to build on the help and care already given to asylum seekers and refugees in Swindon through organisations like The Harbour Project by making Swindon a City of Sanctuary.

Whether you’re a business, School or an individual we have a pledge form ready for you to sign. All we ask is that you tick at least one of the boxes to take specific action to make people seeking sanctuary feel more included in our community.            

This could be anything from sharing Swindon City of Sanctuary posts on your social media accounts to volunteering to help those seeking sanctuary in Swindon.           

Life is often desperately hard for asylum seekers and refugees living in exile in the UK. Lots of organisations and individuals in Swindon are working to support those who come to our town for their safety. The Swindon City of Sanctuary movement brings them together and provides a simple platform so that others can join in.

People seeking sanctuary have lost their homes and families yet bring all kinds of skills, arts, food and culture, that enrich our town, which we believe should be celebrated.