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Swindon City of Sanctuary seeks to build a culture of welcome, inclusion and support for everyone in Swindon, with a focus on  people seeking sanctuary.


20 Welcomes – A poem by Swindon students


In practical terms, we do this by bringing people and organisations together, raising awareness and celebrating our diverse town through the national scheme of sanctuary awards.

We are proud to be part of the national movement that is City of Sanctuary

Our Work

In December 2020 we conducted a consultation among our beneficiaries and refreshed our strategic focus. Our new strategy for 2021 represents a shift from a ‘service delivery’ to a more ‘enabling’ organisation, and sets out our focus on key areas [led by, and working alongside people with’ Lived Experience’ of migration wherever possible]:

To truly create the impact we wish to make we have created the 2 strands below as our focus for all our work. It takes in our mission & aims and how the work/projects we do relates to these strands.

2 strands of community-based work of welcome for long lasting change (linking to our mission, aims and objectives)

We are distinct and complementary to the Swindon’s Harbour project which provides advice, support, practical help and friendship, while we focus on empowerment and the wider community, influencing how welcoming and informed our town is about those seeking sanctuary.