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Responsive Support during COVID-19

We have created two new projects in order to respond to the needs of those seeking sanctuary. You can read more about these below:

*NEW FAB! Project (Family Activity Boxes)  – When schools closed our Schools of Sanctuary team discussed the issues that would now arise for our sanctuary seeking families. Their children were not eligible to still attend school and with little resources and no access to wifi in their home office accommodation we came up with the idea of daily activity boxes (FAB!) You can read more about the project here: SCoS News – FAB!

*NEW Remote Befriending service – During these times many of us will be enjoying special time with loved ones in our homes but there are others who are here alone & with the closure of vital services, people can become very isolated.

If you are in the asylum system, recently have your Leave to Remain or are appeal rights exhausted and would like one of our volunteers to get in touch with you please fill out this simple form. This service is not for legal advice but a hand of friendship to help support you through this difficult time.

Remote Befrienders Form

Whether you know us or are new to our charity we are here to help where we can so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.