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Launch Event – Harbour Fest 2016

The Harbour Fest 2016 was the SOLD OUT three day launch event of Swindon City of Sanctuary, in association with The Harbour ProjectVoluntary Action SwindonSwindon and Marlborough Amnesty International, with kind support from Swindon Borough Council and Innogy!


As well as speakers from a wide variety of organisations, we had an amazing mix of multi-cultural performances and entertainment – Kurdish singers, Indian and African dancers, Spanish guitar, Samba and Swindonian drama and poetry.

We also screened the award winning film ‘Leave to Remain’, and ran a pop-up kitchen featuring refugee recipies!

Following Harbour Fest we gathered around 90 pledges to making Swindon a warm, welcoming environment for those seeking refugee in our town, the start of things to come!


Campaign launched to make Swindon a ‘city of sanctuary’ by the Swindon Advertiser, 07/10/2016.

City of Sanctuary launches in front of a full house by the Swindon Advertiser, 14/10/2016.

Promoting Swindon as a welcoming, supportive City of Sanctuary by Link Magazine, 25/10/2016.