We call ourselves the Swindon City of Sanctuary Steering group. We are a small group of individuals with a range of backgrounds who all live and work in Swindon, in various settings such as schools, Swindon Council and The Research Council among others.

The steering group came together to create Swindon City of Sanctuary after an initial meeting attended by various charities, councillors and  community groups who all wanted to help make refugees and asylum seekers feel welcome and supported in Swindon by the wider community.

We all believe there is a great sense of inclusion and community in Swindon, despite its size (yes we might be a town but we are the size of a city, hence City rather than Town of Sanctuary). We want to build on this and help show a positive side to Swindon than is usually portrayed in the media.

We hope as support grows on this page it will encourage others to see past labels, to understand and empathise with those who had to flee their homes because their lives were in danger and pledge support to actively help them feel included in our community.


Want to know more about our logo?

It was designed by a refugee here in Swindon called Abdin! Here is a short video of him explaining why he chose the  David Murray John Tower to be part of our logo: