We have a new and exciting project, thanks to a wonderful pledge from Swindon’s Bus Company!


This new project has the potential to make a huge impact on those seeking sanctuary in Swindon but we need your help to make it happen!

The Plan:

Swindon’s Bus Company have agreed to match fund money raised by us at SCOS which will specifically go towards providing free bus travel for individuals who are destitute refugees and vulnerable asylum seekers.

 We aim to raise £150 in direct debits, this means we need just 30 of our supporters to donate £5 a month to reach this target!   100% of this money will go towards this scheme. Swindon’s Bus Company will match this amount therefore providing us with a total of £300 worth of bus travel to give to those most in need.

Why the need?

An asylum seeker is someone who has come to the UK in search of a safe place to live because of war, persecution or instability within their own country. Whilst waiting for the Home Office to make a decision on their claim they are legally termed an ‘asylum seeker’. A decision on their claim from the Home Office can take from 6 months to well over a year. During this time accommodation is provided but it is illegal for them to work and therefore they only have £36.95 a week to live on.

This money must pay for food and daily living costs but also for any travel they need to do throughout the week such as reporting to the UK Visas and Immigration Agency (UKVI; a division of the Home Office) located in Swindon at our police station, this is a legal requirement, part of the asylum process.

They may also need to travel to The Harbour Project to enable them to receive advice and support at the daily drop-in sessions or to access English classes.

If an asylum seeker has a positive claim and is given the right to stay in the UK they are then legally termed a refugee. They receive a letter stating they must leave their asylum accommodation within 28 days and all asylum support stops. This often leaves refugees homeless which is where are hosting scheme ‘room for all’ helps.

Being able to provide free bus travel to those on our hosting scheme will mean we can accept more hosts with a spare room who live further away from the centre of Swindon.

I’m in! What do I need to do?

You can setup a monthly donation of £5 a month simply by clicking on our Local Giving Page here:  Transport fund – local giving